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Unraveling the Heat: Understanding SFRB and MFRB in Superhot Peppers

Updated: Feb 6

SFRB and MFRB are abbreviations for Small and Medium Flat Rate Boxes, which are commonly used by superhot pepper growers for shipping. The US Postal Service charges a standard flat rate for postage on these boxes. Although you may find these box sizes listed online, what significance do they have when you're attempting to produce a batch of salsa or hot sauce? The Pepper Wizards have Broken some of this down to clear it up.

Salsa recipe superhot hot peppers
Small Flat Rate Box Peppers

Salsa recipe superhot hot peppers
Medium Flat Rate Box Peppers

Pepper size, weight and shape will affect these numbers, but this will give an approximation when planning your order.

Peppers Box Size Chart

Box Size

Dimensions (in)

Cups of Whole Peppers

Pod Count

Weight (oz)

SFRB (Small)





MFRB (Medium)





For moderate heat hot sauce, a good rule of thumb is 9 ounces for 50 ounces of sauce. (10 woozie bottles)

For a moderate heat salsa, a good rule of thumb is 1-2 peppers per 16 ounce jar.

Everyone has a different tolerance for heat. Remember it's easy to make something that tastes good hotter. It's almost impossible to make something really hot taste good by changing ingredients.

If you have more or different tips on how many peppers to heat your dish please comment in the section below.


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