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Videos of Harmony Springs Farm

Pepper Growing on our Farm 

Bulk Germination

Bulk Germination 

Prepping for Seedlings

Seasoning Plowed Soil


Butch T Scorpion

Wicking Buckets

Amending Raised Beds

Our Farm

We purchased two tracts over the past 5 years that are less than a quarter mile apart. They close enough that we can go back and forth on a side by side.  Our farm was productive years ago but had been neglected for several years.  We're in the hills of North East Tennessee where we have all four distinct seasons. The terrain of our farm is varied from open fields to wooded areas with a nice creek and several springs.

Clearing Invasive Trees

Meet Our Crew

We are a family farm mainly two retired Engineers who have spent our careers in manufacturing production environments and casually gardened. We knew we need something to challenge us in retirement. Gene is the idea guy.  Jennifer is the brains. Our daughter and son in law are really good at websites and ecommerce as well as graphic design. The rest of the crew consists of 3 dogs (AKA the Chili Dogs) and a colony of cats.

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