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Salsa Recipes and Tips

At Harmony Springs Farm, we are passionate about growing some of the world’s hottest peppers. Our family has been dedicated to cultivating these fiery peppers for years, and we’re thrilled to share them with you. Many people ask us about the best way to use our hot and super-hot peppers, so we decided to list our favorite recipes from web for salsa. We offer a diverse range of peppers, each with its own unique flavor and heat level. If you want to add some spice to your life, Harmony Springs Farm is the perfect destination for you.

You judge for yourself which one is truly "The Best".

Spice Up Your Life with Our Tips

At Harmony Springs Farm, we believe that using the right peppers can take your salsa to the next level. Here's our tips for making salsa that will impress your friends and intimidate your enemies.


1. When using our superhot peppers in salsa, keep in mind that the level of heat can range from mild to extremely hot. For those who love the heat, we recommend adding more superhots to our recipes, while those who prefer a milder taste should add fewer.  We've done 2 to 8 superhots per quart. 2 is hot enough for most, 8 is too hot for most, We've split batches in half and added extra peppers to the second half for hot and extreme hot. (don't forget to label them differently.)

2. Substitute Red Savina Habanero for regular Habanero to kick up the heat while keeping the Habanero flavor.  This pepper was the original Guinness world's hottest (legit heat).

3. We suggest the Butch T Scorpion for superhot maximum heat in salsa if you want the extreme heat.  The flavor blends well with the other ingredients and the burn is long clean heat that doesn't over power the salsa flavors.


4. If you enjoy the smoky flavor of chipotle, try cold smoking some of our peppers. Just be sure not to exceed smoking 50% of the peppers, unless you enjoy the taste of Lucky Strikes in your salsa!

5. For a truly unique and flavorful twist to your favorite salsa, try substituting mild peppers with Sugar Rush Stripy. You won't be disappointed!


At Harmony Springs Farm, we want our customers to enjoy our delicious hot pepper products safely. It is important to always use caution when handling superhots. To ensure your safety, we recommend using disposable gloves when handling hot peppers, and keeping your hands away from your eyes. Before using the restroom, be sure to wash your hands well, as the heat from our peppers can cause discomfort. Although the heat is great in your dishes, it's not good in your drawers!


"Canning salsa is a wonderful beginner canning project, and we’re going to show you everything you need to know to have your own stockpile of salsa." - Cassie Johnston Wholefully Team Member

These instructions go through the entire process of salsa canning.  Complete with additional "Pro Tips" great for beginner or veteran.


 I’m going to go out on a limb here and proclaim that this is the best homemade fresh salsa recipe for canning. You be the judge.- Kris Bordessa Award Winning Author and Attainable Sustainable author.

From the number of positive reviews she may be justified.  This is a great recipe with well written instructions and special tips. Enjoy.


Mel has some great recipes and this is no exception.  These instructions have a canning option and a "fresh" option if you prefer not to can.

Check out her other recipes they are genuine legit recipes tested and proven.


Great chunky recipe from British Columbia.  She also has some reaaly good canning videos.  Check it out.


Great recipe for Fresh or canned salsa from the chef behind Delish Knowledge.

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